Why ICRconversion ?


Now-a-days, there is lots of company who is offering Data conversion from Image to txt/doc/HTML.

So what we are doing differently to be on extra edge from others?

In each and every project, our main focus is on the accuracy of conversion as In data conversion world, the most important aspect is accuracy.

To maintain our accuracy on top in the industry, we are doing following –

  • We use latest ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition, advance form of OCR) software, which gives us an edge over others on accuracy and speed parameters during conversion.
  • It does not matter, how advance your software is, but if character mapping is not done properly then even very advance software cannot give good accuracy in conversion.
  • Though we have a large database of different font patterns, however, whenever we find any new pattern, our expert technical team put ICR software into very rigorous training mode, which normally last for 8-10 hours, to ensure maximum accuracy during conversion process.
  • We keep on increasing our font pattern database so that we can give best TAT (turn around time) rather than engaging our software in training mode, when we start a new project.

Silent Features of our conversion process

  • Latest ICR conversion and proof reader software
  • Robust character mapping training
  • We support all types of Images for conversion eg. PDF to WORD, Image to Txt etc.
  • Our most focused item is Accuracy in whole conversion process.
  • Best conversion rates in industry.
  • We can handle huge amount of data per day.
  • Exclusive QC process.
  • For our QC process, we are using most advance proof reader to check the quality for converted files.
  • We do exclusive QC, on client request, if they want absolute 100% accuracy, without any error in converted files.  For this we are using superimposition and advance QC software. We are expert in this process.
  • We do QC reporting as well where we take image file and converted files from client and generate error reports for our client.
  • Our TAT (turn around time) is best in industry.
  • We keep on updating our software so that we should have latest technology and methods to ensure best accuracy to our clients.



Pl. send us 2-3 sample pages to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." to check our conversion accuracy to assure before sending the bulk project.