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ICRconversion supports all type of data conversion services to our clients, based on their requirement, whether it is PDF to WORD or any other Image to txt. Data conversion is a vital aspect for maintaining the database, records and file structure.

The primary goal of Data conversion is to make client data searchable on internet with access and share the data without any trouble.

Typing is emulated in all our conversion process which makes us to sustaining the quality according to the specifications of the project.


Complete list of our services: 


Image to text     

Image to word

HTML Tagging

Image to third party format   

QC services

PDF to txt

PDF to excel

PDF to Access

Jpg to txt

Jpg to excel

Jpg to Access

Jpeg to txt

Jpeg to excel

Jpeg to Access

Tiff to txt

Tiff to excel

Tiff to Access

And many more with bmp, png and cmt image formats.


PDF to word

Jpg to word

Jpeg to word

Tiff to word

Bmp to word

Png to word

Cmt to word

We support HTML tagging from all type of Images like PDF, jpg, jpeg, tiff, bmp, png, cmt etc

Image to AGENT

Image to DXT

Image to NIK

Image to NBO

Image to ADL

Image to adobe flash player 8, 10


Proof Reading software

QC reporting

Time and date change of output files



Feature and Highlights:

  • We undertake all type of Data conversion and support all type of Image formats.
  • We can handle huge amount of files/pages such as 10,000 pages per day.
  • We maintain almost 100% accuracy level in Data conversion using advanced ICR (Next generation of OCR) technology and latest proof reader software.
  • We have specialization of doing superimposition in our QC services.



Image to Text Conversion:



Now-a-days Image to notepad or Image to text conversion services are high in demand in the market. The most important reason of this increasing demand is preference of audio book over printed or e-books. Especially Data entry companies are having a huge requirement of such conversions.

ICRconversion is expert in converting all types of images into text format. Our advanced ICR software is design to handle any font pattern in the image file and avoid any unwanted characters to maintain almost 100% accuracy level.

Once we convert your data into text format, we can provide output in any format like plain text, HTML format, Microsoft excel, Any Database, Microsoft Access, Word etc.

We can convert even handwriting format with very low resolution image of any format ( PDF, jpg, jpeg, tiff, gif, bmp, png etc) into txt, notepad, doc with very high accuracy.

You can count on us for your any type of Data conversion like 

  • jpg to txt, jpg to excel, jpg to HTML, jpg to access, jpg to word,
  • tiff to word, tiff to txt, tiff to excel, tiff to access, tiff to HTML etc.

We can also convert you any image format into third party text formats like Agent, adl, nbo, nik, ong, dxt, adobe flash 8, adobe flash 10 etc. We charge +3 Rs. Per page extra for these formats (third party formats).

We support .cmt format as well, which is normally locked by software. We can unlock those images and convert it into jpg or tiff before converting it into txt or doc format.

We convert PDF , JPG , JPEG , BMP , PNG , TIFF ,  CMT ,  GIF to TEXT / DOC / HTML / Third party txt editors.


Charges : Rs. 10 per page for more than 100 pages.


 PDF to Word conversion:



We know that using the traditional method, converting PDF to word format takes very long time and we cannot guarantee even 90% accuracy in that typing process.

Our ICR software is very efficient and can convert large amount of PDF files, around 10,000 , in a single day into your required format such as word, notepad or HTML.

Now-a-days most of the PDF files are password protected which can be viewed only within the software. We have specialization of converting protected PDF files into different format on client request.

We can ensure you to give 98-100% accuracy in PDF to word conversion and our rates are best in industry.


Charges :  Rs. 10 per page for more than 100 pages. 


 HTML Tagging :



ICRconversion is best in HTML tagging and give you least TAT (turn around time) with 99.99% accuracy. We support all type of Images (JPEG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PDF, CMT, PNG) for HTML tagging process.

We are capable of tagging very large amount of data in a single day as our advanced tagging software take hardly 5-10 sec for tagging around 1000 text pages.

We are capable of converting around (5,000-8,000) Image to HTML tagging.

Our software avoids special characters like ‘^’ during the HTML tagging process to ensure 100% accuracy.

After HTML Tagging process, we do Date and time change of each output files on request of client.



Conversion: Rs. 10 Per Page
Tagging: Rs. 2 Per Page
Minimum: 100 Pages


 QC Services:


QC report services are very useful for maintaining the 100% accuracy levels. Through this service, we can mark out the mistakes that appear in the converted data files and this allows correcting them easily and maintaining 100% accuracy levels. The QC report software used by ICRconversion is unique and maintains a high probability of finding the mistakes in converted data files. 

We also use superimposing for our QC service. It is nothing but placing the converted data in doc format over the input image. We use ICR software for superimposing the images to improve the accuracy of conversion.

With help of ICR technology, the complex and very low resolutions fonts can also be superimposed and converted with improved accuracy level.

Pl. Call us to know about the charges of exclusive QC of your converted data for absolute 100% accuracy.


 Image to Text Conversion  Image to Doc Conversion  PDF Data Extraction

In this service, we can convert any 

type of your image document into 

text format as per your specific 


We will convert all your Image file

type into word (.doc or .docx) as per

your specific requirement

In this service, we will convert your

PDF file into text file and then convert 

into any format based on your sepcific 


Image to HTML Conversion QC ( Quality Checking)  Form Filling Automation

In this service, we convert your image

into text format and then use HTML tags

correctly to convert it into HTM format

We do initial QC after conversion of each

document using superimposing and double

keying however if your requiremnt is getting

100% accuracy, we do it using our specialized

software. However this will incur you additional


We are expert in all type of form filling


In this process, first we convert your Image

file into text and incorporate our automation

software to do your form filling without any 

user intervention.



Pl. send us 2-3 sample pages to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." to check our conversion accuracy to assure before sending the bulk project.